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About the director

Dominik Rüedi is 22 years old and lives in the canton of Thurgau. He has been in a wheelchair since May 2015 due to an inflammation of his spinal cord. Although he is in a wheelchair, he has not lost his courage and is still fighting to achieve his greatest goal: To be able to walk again one day. He has always been interested in the motion picture and decided to pursue his dream. Recently he was able to graduate from the SAE in Zurich in the field of Digital Film Production. He would like to develop further in this field in order to one day gain a foothold in the film industry. Since the beginning of his studies he has been able to gain quite some experience, among other things in the production of a documentary film about the wheelchair accessibility of public transport. He showed the hurdles that wheelchair users encounter in everyday life. As his graduation film, he decided to see the wheelchair not as a foreign object, but as an opportunity to literally create a new perspective as a director in a wheelchair. This will be his first short film. With this film he wants to inspire freshly affected people and show all that is possible. It is important to him to create beautiful pictures with a story that is both exciting and appealing. For this goal he will overcome his own limits.

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