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About Weightless


A negative diagnosis from the doctor, who has put hope for improvement in the trash, a run over foot with nasty looks from passers-by and a fall during basketball training highlights Paul's current life situation. Actually, he has only one motivation, namely, to fulfill the seemingly impossible last wish of his deceased mother. When he tells Tim, another young wheelchair user, about it, he is convinced to set out for the impossible-to-climb mountain. By hitchhiking they get to know two American paraglider pilots. They are headed in the same direction.  Together they get closer and closer to their goal. Shortly before they reach their destination, something happens that nobody would have expected.



As a person affected, I think it is very important not to taboo the subject of wheelchairs. The pedestrian should get an insight into what it means to be in a wheelchair. We wheelchair users don't want to hide, but show that we are also human beings, simply not on two legs but on four wheels. As a filmmaker in a wheelchair, I also see a chance to show a different perspective, one that you only know as a person affected. Even if you are in a wheelchair, life does not end, it lays the foundation for a new beginning. To achieve a dream, you have to fight for it.

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